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Ceramic Adhesive Cement for Thermocouple
Ceramic Adhesive Cement
PTC is hot setting water based single component inorganic adhesive ceramic cement available in dry powder form, gives excellent bond strength, thermal shock resistance and hard surface properties after curing. Jyalucem 20 cement is found most ideal for high - low temperature cementing, sealing of ceramics, refractory, glass to metals etc.
PTC-1 Inorganic Ceramic Adhesive Cement
PTC-1 is a Zircon based inorganic low-expansion cold setting ceramic cement.
PTC-1 is an ideal adhesive cement for halogen lamp cap fixing, embedding electrical heating elements, insulating and fixing of thermocouples, lining and maintenance of refractories, coating resistors and coils, sealing and assembling parts, which require high resistance to electricity, chemicals and thermal shocks, ZIRCOCEM-1 adheres glass to glass, glass to ceramics, ceramic to ceramic, glass to metals, ceramic to metals etc.
PTC - 5 Inorganic Ceramic Adhesive Cement
PTC-5 is Zircon based Single Component Inorganic Ceramic Adhesive Cement mainly used where high electrical insulation and thermal conductivity are of great importance.
PTC-5 cures by a chemical setting and is ideal for potting application subject to high temperature and high thermal shocks.
PTC-5 is a non corrosive and suitable inorganic adhesive cement for bonding application such as glass to glass. glass to ceramic, ceramic to ceramic, ceramic to metal etc except Aluminum metal.
PTC -5 is in fine dry powder form and needs to be mixed only with clean tap water for use in various cementing applications.
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